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Places To Buy New Home Decor Furniture

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Honestly, our spaces are what bring us more satisfaction and comfort in life so I’ve decided that from this point forward I’m going to shop at the thriftiest places to buy new home decor.  That way when my son smears strawberry yogurt all over my rug, I don’t have a panic attack, yell or cry.  I just grab my upholstery cleaner, knock out the stain and move on.

I want to give you 6 tips on how to get the BEST bang for your buck when it comes to giving a space in your home a little (or big) facelift.

Tip 1: Shop for Home Decor Furniture at Your House First

When you are ready to decorate, don’t be afraid to shop around your house.  Look first for pieces all over the house that might work better in your new space.  This can save you cash right away.

Tip 2: Sell Your Current Stuff 

If dropping money on home decor is kind of hard for you, in light of the other expenses you really need to spend money on (like uniforms, family glasses and braces) I TOTALLY get it.  So we thrifty little moms gotta get creative.  If your ready for out with old in with the new- don’t shove your old up in the attack or garage.  Give a new home that puts money in your pocket so you can spend without any feelings of worry or regret.  That means either hosting a Garage Sale, posting it online for sale, or making money consigning it all!

Tip 2: Give Yourself a Cash Based Budget

Decorating is so exciting that some people may be tempted to go overboard.  I recommend figuring out what you can afford to spend and put that money in a cash envelope so you aren’t tempted to add one more thing at checkout.  To keep things thrifty, consider changing the items in the room that are going to make the greatest VISUAL impact like curtains, pillows and wall hangings.  Keep your decor minimal and you’ll have a stunning new room within a budget you and your spouse can both live with.

Tip 4: Pick A Piece You Love & Build Around It

When you are looking for a place to start building your new theme, consider starting with something you love.  When you’re out shopping you’ll probably run across artwork, pillows or curtains that scream, “YES! THIS IS IT! BUY ME NOW!”  In my case, I loved the set of white, grey and yellow curtains (pictured below) that I found at Target.  I decided to build the room around the design in those.  With those in hand I was able to see the room in my mind and make it happen.  When I bought these decorations I was making a conscious decision to keep the yellow painted walls in my living room for a season and lighten them with my new decor (just in case you hate the yellow on the walls as much as my husband did).

If you get easily overwhelmed with the thought of decorating a room I highly recommend that you read the article, How to Decorate Your Home without Getting Overwhelmed by Kalyn from Creative Savings.

Tip 5: Shop at the Thriftiest Places to Buy New Home Decor Furniture

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1. Target has nice Home Decor Furniture and Accessories 

Target is my favorite store hands down.  I don’t always find their home decor to be super cheap but you can’t beat their clearance prices on decorations.  Always go down the back aisle behind the rows so that you see the end-caps of the aisles in each department.  These are the spots that you will find frames, art, towels, curtains, bedding, wall hangings, furniture, lamps and trinkets discounted all the time.

I got my curtains & pillows from Target but I used 3 things to get them much cheaper.

1. Cartwheel had an app that was 25% off the price of curtains.

2. I had a cash register coupon for $5 off a $25 home decor purchase.

3. I had received my 5% pharmacy reward shopping day coupon.

4. I used my Red Debit card for 5% off my purchase.

5. The pillows came in a 2 pack for $25.99 on sale + I used a coupon from the Target website.

2. Kirkland’s

I don’t know what you know about Kirkland’s, but it ain’t your grandma’s home decor stop.  Kirkland’s is a small store stocked with gorgeous, current wall hangings, lanterns, small accent furniture and everything you might need to decorate your home.  It’s all thrifty at regular price but when they have sale or you shop the green clearance section you are going to walk out of there with some really nice stuff at a ridiculously low prices.

Thrifty Tip- I’m signed up for email coupons and I used the Kirkland’s Spin & Win app on my phone to get a surprise coupon at the register.  Last time I used the app I saved 10% on my entire purchase.

3. Hobby Lobby

This isn’t about DIYing your own home decor, even though you could at Hobby Lobby.  In general Hobby Lobby has some of the nicest home decor furniture, paintings and wall art.   I’ve seen and they have it to match every style.  I’ve decorated most of my house from my husbands man cave, to my shabby chic office to my son’s toddler room with items found at this store.  The beauty is that pretty much anytime you go in there you will find home decor 40-50% off whatever the tag says.

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