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Finding the furniture that can provide optimum utilization of space

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Finding the furniture that can provide optimum utilization of space

Finding the furniture that can provide optimum utilization of space

When it comes to finding the furniture for your homes or your living and working spaces, what works best in terms of style and utility are contemporary furniture? In other words, modular furniture. The term modular furniture rightly signifies “functional furniture that are designed for convenience and operation with modules and cubicles that are used for varied purposes”. Rightly so. When it comes to modular furniture, they are designed meticulously designed keeping in mind the utility, functionality and aesthetics in mind. Which is why sourcing of right modular furniture is equally important.

Mr. Kitchen is “the one name” who are well-known in this industry. They are among the few furniture dealers who are also kitchen and wardrobe manufacturers in Pune. The unique business model includes doing up the interiors of homes and offices as well as creating business opportunities in Pune for entrepreneurs who are inclined to pursue modular furniture business. By providing franchisee opportunities in Pune, the company aims to provide a cost-effective business model with good growth prospects.

Significant rise in consumption for modular furniture

The recent years have witnessed a steady rise in the real estate projects in Pune. As a result of which consumption of modular furniture market seen a consistent growth owing to the rise in demand for residential homes and office spaces. Wardrobe manufacturers in Pune like Mr.Kitchen have been able to reap some of the fruits solely because they stand out in the ocean of modular furniture business. Unique designs, high quality material, tailor-made solutions keeping in mind the individual requirements, lifetime warranty for the products as well as great after-sales service. Wardrobes design and ideas are planned keeping in mind the individual requirements and consumption habits.

A four-step formula is adapted during the design process. These involve stages of design consultation, presentation, finalization of design process and the penultimate stage of execution or installation process. The result is of course, superlative. A classy and contemporary looking modular kitchen that has great space for all the kitchen equipment as well as measures high on the scale in terms of functionality and utility.

Trusted partner in business

Mr. Kitchen proposes a unique business proposition to the chosen few who wish to realise their dream of turning into an entrepreneur. The company is among the first modular furniture manufacturers to come up with the idea of providing franchisee opportunities in Pune and the nearby areas. There are many reasons why individuals can look at Mr. Kitchen’s idea of creating business opportunities in Pune for young and driven individuals with entrepreneurship spirit.

– The company has over thirteen years of market expertise of selling modular wardrobes and kitchens

– has attained good market credibility for the range of products and furniture manufactured by them.

– Marketing and branding costs are shared with the business owner

– Requires minimal space to start off

– Low expenditure and initial investment

– Great returns from short term and long-term perspective

– A great brand to bank upon for those looking out for business opportunities in Pune and the nearby areas

Mr. Kitchen is among the reputed wardrobe manufacturers in Pune to provide Contemporary and modern wardrobe designs for homes and offices. Among its several advantages, the furniture has great functionality and utility value. Since the product range starts from Rupees two lakhs onwards, they are affordable and make up for great value buy in the modular furniture segment. Having said so, the products are available across various textures, material and price points. To add on to the credibility of the company, Mr. Kitchen provides you with a rewarding career option by providing franchisee opportunities in Pune for those individuals and firms interested in making a career in wardrobe and kitchen modular furniture.

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