Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Best buy is one of the biggest retail brands in the west. They have everything you need in one store or now in a single website and the inventory is quite the sight. They have something called the open box as well where refurbished products are sold for affordable rates. You will find all sorts of gadgets and appliances from phones to TV’s under this umbrella and they seem tantalizing as well.

But are they worth the risk that come along with it? It might seem like a good idea in the beginning, buying old repaired products from a well-known retailer for a very good price, but that’s hardly the truth when you take a better look at it. One of the problems about it is Best Buy open box return policy which is quite shady to say in the least. There are many other reasons as well, as you will see.

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Former Display Models

There are quite a few problems with Best Buy’s open box and one of it is where the gadgets come from. Some of the stuff in it have been found to be former display models that are kept in stores and now no longer have any uses left for them. These devices are not only glitchy but also have no warranty regardless of what best buy says and can break down at any time.

Not Factory Repaired

The biggest problem with best buys open box however is that the products in thee are not even factory repaired. They are usually repaired in way side stores as it is cheaper and come with no guarantee whatsoever. Repaired products aren’t usually tested and can have an abundance of problems about them that slowly reveal themselves.

The Warranty is an Issue

As I have already said multiple times in the article already, the open box products from best buy have warranty issues. It is usually the case with refurbished products and best buy has tons of them. Though Best Buy says that its return and exchange “promise” applies to open box items, you’ll need to verify what warranty or guarantee you’re getting with the specific product you’re considering.

The Policy Sucks

Best Buy’s policy is a real problem and has been a problem since they ever started the open box thing back in 2014. Search for best buy open box return policy or best buy open box security policy and you will not get a single link from best buy that tells you about their policies. So you could land in real trouble if you don’t read the fine print and buy anything from there.